Hip-Hop, Rap
From: New Orleans, United States

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NOSTRADAMUS   Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana          The style of music my brothers and I present is the heartfelt, inspirational, consoling influential struggle of everyday life. Skidrow Records brings truth to the forefront for all to stand witness, and to give hope too many. Please know that change is to take its course for everything has its season. It shall begin with Nostradamus, which brings a different aspect, outlook and a new sound for the entire world to hear.        Music somehow touches the soul as it magnifies the spirit. It gives one reason to believe something is when it isn't, as it takes one to a place where he or she maybe willing or wanting to be.      My music philosophy is If I can group many, than none shall be left behind. For someone would be there to pick-up each stray. Faith will stand as my foundation, and the words will give each a free will. Hope will not be lost for the music will have shown an incredible light. Its alot to give so I ask only for the worlds attention, it shall be all that I seek.      Please know the only inspiration of it all, meaning the whole Nostradamus concept be not seen, but only felt. Christ is my inspiration, because of the times we live in with the confusion, along with natural disasters, terrorist, killings, and all other wrong doings, it is as though no one cares. Every man for himself is what it has come to. Who is worthy of receiving the vaccines should an epidemic be brought fourth, who decides who lives and who dies. Perhaps I can open the hearts and eyes of all before its too late. No rewards I seek nor have I received thus far, with the exception of the smiles from the people after hearing the many, many songs, its quite rewarding enough I might say.      More than 8 to 9 thousand CD's live in circulation with perhaps minimum radio play being said.      Minimum exposure in one or two local college magazines I've fulfilled. I've done around 20 or so concerts, be it in schools, clubs, or formal places etc. What was even more of a surprise some churches got a chance to hear some of my words as they too opened their doors.      Over 100 songs I have written thus far, so there should be no out-date, because everything I bring I consider timeless, but I'll let you be the judge of that. I am in the process of an album release, along with a few singles undated.      Nostradamus I believe stands as a powerful name, so my words will go hand in hand with my message. (Nostradamus) Change is what I bring fourth. My music is not just for the youth, but for all whom behold a soul. 

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