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From: Semarang, Indonesia

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  • Nove - Kith

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Formation of our band is based on the seriousness in music because our tendency to give a positive impression on the music, and therefore we started trying mengusungkan our work is to be able to enliven the world of country music Indonesiaku beloved. we too are proud of the kids today Lampung, Lampung because it has a lot of bands that come to enliven the land of music we like Kangen water, green leaves, the potter, Beage, General and Davincci. NOVE may also include of which enliven the amiiiiiiiiiin. NOVE come from 2 different bands, different cultural backgrounds, and turns every personnel have also different genre. All this because the former has not been getting a harmony in music unite in their respective bands. So the band that used to aspire to aspire to hold together apparently must culminate with one hand. "But did the band form must dilakuin seriously you know". Boredom with a problem like this, we too began to hunt new personnel which is serious and indeed soulless music, which is being wander among about. beautiful in its time until we too are reunited somewhere exactly on Jl. Kedaton flamboyant harbor in Bandar Lampung. coincidence or not it turns out we were both looking for a new band, the words listed after we talked at length and we also agreed to establish a relationship of friendship and music unite together. Although we are of different cultural backgrounds there are tribes Javanese, Sundanese, desert, and, Lampung baseball but we never saw it as a problem. The six of us are still using the same language. So, all the problems can be dikompromiin. If there is conflict of the early formation weve NOVE, most because of differences in the principles and patterns of thinking. We are aware, it turns every genre NOVE personnel weve not uniform from scratch. There Rock, punk, japan rock, blues, classical and pop. But that's where all together due process, and the key is there needs baseball divisions. Elu must ngisi like this, others must continue to play like this. Everything flows so wrote without any restriction of expression. And that's what he has given.

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