Metal, Hard rock, Alternative
From: Bakersfield, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Aaron Crowell - Vocals/Rythm Guitars
  • Alex Pennock - Lead Guitars
  • Adam Crowell - Drums
  • Matt House - Bass Guitars

About Band

Have we lost the glory years of rock ‘n roll?  Who has broken that barrier from long, long ago when Elvis reigned, the Beatles led and Zeppelin rocked?   It seems that for almost a decade we are all waiting for something spectacular to appear – something that would change the course of not only rock ‘n roll, but the course of history.  One group in particular is here to challenge one of these historical events with the goal of giving rock a new platform.  

Nyceria was formed in Bakersfield, California in 2008.  Band members include Aaron Crowell (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Alex Pennock (lead guitar), Matt House (bass) and Adam Crowell (drums).   This debut CD, “Eternal” seems to have the edge over other bands of their kind.  

The lead single off this CD, “ Yours” is a analogy of self-examination and the addictions that define who you are.    The intro on this single is an introspective analogy.   The crescendo takes you to a different realm with explosive vocals and dynamic accompaniment announcing their own self defiance.    One of their unique talents is the ability to define their sound by constant separation of lead and rhythm guitars while sustaining their symbiotic relevance.

Nyceria are story tellers.   Their entire CD is full of thought provoking lyrics and emotional dynamics.   They write, arrange and perform as if they’ve written a film.  

Nyceria was voted #1 for unsigned talent in April, 2009 during a 6 month competition against 10,000+ registered bands.  Their song, “Cede” was ranked 4th out of the top 100 independent songs for 2009 in the Russian Republic.  They have also played at the historic The Roxy Theatre, Whiskey A Go-Go and Knitting Factory Hollywood.  
At this time they are playing around the Los Angeles area with hopes of joining a tour later this year.  

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