Old Souls

Old Souls

Old Souls

Alternative, Jazz, Funk
From: Kill Devil Hills, NC, United States

Band Members

  • Dale Henderson - Lead Guitar
  • Bruce Loughry - Lead Guitar
  • Rob Young - Drums & Percussion

About Band

Old Souls is a 2 1/2 yr. old project that began when Bruce Loughry and Dale Henderson played together for the 1st time. There was an obvious, instant ESP type connection that is rare with 2 guitarists of such disparate origins and backgrounds.

Old Souls is an ongoing search for that magical point where the Music virtually plays itself. When that happens, you get those magic nights that make it all worthwhile.

Our supporting cast of characters includes Rob Young on Drums and percussion.

Our Bass chair is open and we are currently seeking a player who will hopefully become one of us--an Old Soul.

You won't hear much in the way of vocals from us--we prefer to let our playing speak for itself. Or maybe we're old enough to have better sense than to think we can still sing!!

 The music we play is structured and improvisational--what a delightful blend!! We also try to balance the guitar solo approach with what someone (I believe it may have been Steve Kimock) once characterized as group conversation--everyone listening, focused on what's taking place, and reacting to everything.

My partner, Bruce, has a knack for coming up with some striking chordal ideas and melodies that we proceed to dissect and put back together to allow for the mix we're looking for.

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Website: www.myspace.com/oldesouls

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