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Oliver “Ollie” Rhodes was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on April 29, 1987 to mother, Kathryn Robinson and father, Richard Rhodes.  Doctor’s proclaimed him as a miracle baby, due to the fact mother Kathryn Robinson was only a year removed from a major kidney transplant.  Small enough to fit into the palm of your hands, the healthy-born premature “Ollie” was destined for greatness.  At the age of 3, his mother returned to her home state of Alabama, where he was raised.  Residing from the little country town of Whatley, Alabama, “Ollie” spent most of his life raised by his grandmother of ol’ fashion southern soul food.  Everything wasn’t always settled for him, as he moved around from various locations across the state, ranging from Tuscaloosa, Tuskegee, Montgomery, and Whatley.  Like most middle and lower class African American men, “Ollie” grew up in a single parent home, where mother Kathryn Robinson provided for her son.   With a strong pedigree, he is determined to let nothing stop him now.  Ollie delivers a range of flows that describe him and his background.  “From the hood to the woods”, Ollie gives it to you from Pittsburgh, PA, where father Richard Rhodes taught him the streets.  To the back woods of Whatley, AL, where his Uncle showed him the hard work of the fields.  Your typical blue collar resident , also self Proclaimed "Bama Prince"is ready to step into the lime light, and let his voice be heard.

-Oliver “Ollie” Rhodes

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