Orange October

Orange October

Orange October

Rock, Hard rock
From: Muskegon, MI, United States

Band Members

  • Brian Swisher - Vocals
  • Nate Warrick - Lead Guitar & Vocals
  • Jimmy Warrick - Drums
  • Brandon Spytma - Bass

About Band

     Orange October is a modern rock band that hails from Muskegon, Michigan.  They have been together for over 3 years, building an impressive fan base by playing gigs weekend after weekend.  Orange October is best known for their energetic live shows which always involve crowd participation and high octane entertainment, and one can easily sense their rock influences Breaking Benjamin, Guns N’ Roses, and Three Days Grace when they take the stage.
    On top of their busy schedule Orange October has spent the latter six months of 2007 recording their highly anticipated debut CD entitled “The Lost Element,” which was  released in February 2008.  This album is packed full of promise with tracks like “Bruised and Battered,” “Nikki,” and “Take It Away,” plus a couple others, all of which Paul Pavao (Breaking Benjamin, Chris Daughtry, Fuel, Disturbed) mixed at The Mix Room in Burbank, California.  Add to this the professional expertise of Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Robert Hadley (Pink Floyd, Korn) from the Mastering Lab in Hollywood, California and you have an album that will definitely soar up the ranks, bringing Orange October to the forefront of the music industry.
    The five members of Orange October Brian Swisher (lead vocals), Nate Warrick (lead guitar/vocalist), Jeremy Maycroft (guitar), Jimmy Warrick (drums), and Brandon Spytma (bass) definitely owned 2007.  During this breakout year these local boys’ hard work and talent paid off as they were hand picked over several other bands to open for Poison at Bike Time 2007, performing in front of more than 14,000 screaming fans.  Not only did they get to tear it up with this great rock legend, but they also had the honor of sharing the stage with Grammy Award winner Paul McCoy and his band 12 Stones as well as national recording artist Nonpoint and Red.  This of course led to radio interviews on ROCK 101.7 fm and WMOM as well as air time for their crowd favorite song “Take It Away.”  Yet 2007 still had one more surprise in store when Orange October was given further recognition by the Muskegon Fury IHL team, who now use one of the band’s songs “Take It Away,” as intro music every time they take the ice at home.
   With all the success that Orange October achieved in 2007 they feel confident that their February 2008 release will bring them further momentum and recognition from the music world.  And with interest from many small labels already coming in, the band is committed to signing with the right label and taking that next step towards the “big time."      

Check out the myspace page for further details.

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