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Albums are: 

1)   Noone Walks Down The Street Whistling A Mixing Desk (No tracks uploaded as greater than 8MB each)

2)   Synthony In Twenty Parts (Synthony 04 & 07)

3)   Labyrinth Sound Sessions (Reichstag, Captain Nelson, Drone 3)

4)   Reborn Landscapes (Landscapes 02 & 07)

5)  In Black And Gold


Who are we? 

Use of hardware for 'live' tracks on the first two albums including Korg MS2000, Korg ER1 Mk2, Korg Kaoss Pad 2, plus an old Yamaha DD10 and Casio keyboard.

Some post production and synthesis done through Cubase on 'Reborn Landscapes'.

Still sticking to the concept that if it can't be played live, it can't be recorded.

Currently working on a version of Savage / Love by Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaiken

Mea Culpa

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