Pop, Indie, Power pop
From: jakarta, Indonesia

Band Members

  • Lucy - vocalist
  • Niki - keyboard, vocal
  • Amos - guitarist
  • Peter - bassist
  • Steven - drummer

About Band

 About Ozone
Dream a good dreams... Live a good life... And feel the breath of fresh air... That is what Ozone is here for..to color your nights & days, dreams & life! ^^ Ozone was initially formed in its 'old' formation back in the beginning of 2007, founded by the 'cool' Stephen (drummer), along with the 'sweet' vocalist (Lucy). It used to be a band with simple pop songs, with the thought of going 'mainstream' aiming for a contract with major labels. The old members used to perform live in few events w/ their simple yet sweet songs, but it didn't take too long.

Then, about few months later, there was news that the old keyboardist will leave the band to pursue her study. Entered the NEW keyboardist: Niki! As a young man w/ full of concepts, the band started to slowly move towards a new direction, probably still 'strange' & unfamiliar to the other old members. Nevertheless, the band members started to rehearse a lot in the studios, & did compose some songs & recorded them too.

But then, long story short, reality sets in & two of its old members were soon had to leave too (for their personal reasons). The band was in vacuum condition for almost half a year. Everybody continued w/ each his/her job, and around this time, it seems weird, but both three staying-members altogether started to think that perhaps "we will never be able to reach that blue sky...sky of dreams"! ...Until one unexpected news came, that started the spark again among the three members (Stephen, Lucy & Niki), that they somehow felt the word "hope" again!

Then around November 2007, entered the 'funky' bassist: Peter! With the addition of him, soon, our "sky of dreams" slowly started to become bright blue again! But four of them realized that although the "sky" has become more clearer, it still lacked the "sun" , which would gave a needed 'warmth' to fill the band's atmosphere.

After thorough several 'tough' auditions looking for a fitting guitarist, finally, around February 2008, that "sun" came out, which is our 'cool & funky' guitarist: Amos! and our "sky of dreams" become not only clear, but also full of warmth. Thus, this become Ozone's NEW formation! A total revolution!

Afterwards, the band started to radically change of literally everything! The concepts, the image, the music (songs), the arrangement, and last but not least, the chemistry! And about few months later, the band has entered the recording sessions, for the total of still-brand-new 3 songs! and one of them has been translated into japanese-version! And here we are now! Although the 'new' & 'now' formation is still relatively new, we've managed to enter one reputable event: Soundtracoustic Across, and we've won the semi-final jingle competition, out of around 50 bands from Jakarta & Bandung. There's also a plan for the band to enter Japanese market. All of those we've decided to do in "indie" way. Basically, up 'till now, we're still following the DIY concept,..until we've found the right label.

Our big hopes? They are as stated at the very first few sentences: so give everybody who listens to our music can dream a good dreams...live a good life...and feel the breath of fresh air... That is what Ozone is here for..to color your nights & days, dreams & life! ^^ (also our goal is to color the Indonesian's music scene that is already full of variety!) Please listen to our music, and please enjoy them! hopefully they will always colour your days & mood as well!

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