Metal, Rock
From: Dunlap, IL, United States

Band Members

  • Reese Decker - Drums
  • Brandon McGraw - Lead Guitar
  • Tim Fluga - Vocals
  • David Brown - Vocals
  • Simon French - Bass / Rhythm Guitar

About Band


Reese Decker (Drummer) : My inspiration for drumming is my aunt nicci. She went out into the world after college and proved to everybody what a good drummer she was. She didnt care what people thought of her doing this as she left home to make a statement with HER band. I was first introduced to drums by my aunt nicci at age 8. Then once I started listening to more and more music it became clear to me that I could be able to follow in her footsteps and eversince then its been nothing but Drumset for me... with a little bass on the side here and there. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than releasing mass amounts of blind fury while playing drums. After 8 years of drumming and 5 years of solid drumming, I think its the best thing to happen with me.
Brandon McGraw (Guitarist) : My real inspiration for playing guitar is to fuel all my anger and put all my emotion into my guitar playing. I started playing guitar about around my freshman year. I played before that, but not seriously. I then started getting into different music and wanting to learn how to play a bunch of different songs. Pretty much, guitar is not something I will ever regret learning. It is the only thing I have that will stay with me for my whole life, and never leave me. Even better than playing guitar, and what I have always wanted to do, was play in a band. I got that chance about a year and a half ago from Reese. We were friends, but never really hung out. He called me and asked me to come over and jam with him and Doug. I never got around to that. But I did end up going to his house later on and had quite a few jam sessions. Since then, we have been in a band together. There was a long point where we had no practices at all. But that time is over. And we are back, and going to be here for a while with our new band PEGASUS. _____________________________________________________________________
Tim Fluga (Vocals): Pretty much I have always been looked at as the class clown in high school, and I am perfectly fine with that title because years ago I met a man that said "the key to happiness is laughter." I believed him so ever since I have been trying to make people laugh to make their lives that much better. I bet you are wondering how music gets into this well everyone on this planet gets mad and instead of playing football or whatever else I could do to release my anger I sing instead and I love doing it. I was introduced into metal when I heard Highway to Hell when I was about 8 years old and I have been loving it ever since. I also listen to rap and I like to incorperate that into my music but at the same time keeping the heaviness and amazingness of metal sacred. I believe that metal and rap can go hand and hand if used in the correct way. I believe that both are filled with great emotions that can only trully come out in song. Anyways I am in an amazing band now with a bunch of my best friends and sure we might fight and get mad at eachother but we always end up on top. Cause the key to happiness in life is laughter but its the amazing people you share that laugher with that make life worth living.
David Brown (Vocals): My father would be one who started me up on using my voice. My dad was a great singer, the music he made was his passion, but, his career exfoliated the music out of his life. I wish to incorporate music into my life, make it the lead role. I started singing freshmen year because i thought, hey, if my dad could sing, maybe i can too. I was extremely good for a freshmen in choir says my choral teacher, at the time. I decided to expand, explore, and discover my voice a little bit more. I thought the sound of my voice was terrible, and i was ashamed to let anyone see it. But evidently, its the same as throwing a microphone into its amp. Everyone else loved it; thought i was a prodigy. You can always improve, always. I tried singin sophomore year of high school for a mild rock band. Something was missing, there wasnt enough emotion in the music. Feelings didnt fit with the notes. I quit, "It must just not be my thing, i guess." Junior year, i get a request to jam with my buddies in a different band. I was hesitant from my last experience, but gave it one last shot. Perfect. I was ready to take the mic again because this music. . . is my soul music. NOT TO SOUND GAY, but ya gotta be one with the music if you want to play. . . I mean, shit, it's true


Reese Decker (Drums): metallica, pantera, dragonforce, Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Beatallica, Killswich Engage, ACDC, Godsmack, Judas Priest, Led Zepplin, Mastadon, Megadeath, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Slayer, Trivium, Vanhalen, Cinderella, Black Sabbath, Killswitch Engauge, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravits, Mudvyne, White Zombie, Nitro,Gwar, Winger, Meshuggah, Grim Reaper, and Skid Row _____________________________________________________________________
Brandon McGraw (Guitar): Demolisher, Suicide Silence, Torsofuck, Chelsea Grin, Twitch of the Death Nerve, Machine Head, Augury, Aborted, The Irish Front, Oceano, For Today, Dimmu Borgir, Zakk Wilde, Despised Icon, Lamb of God, Job for a Cowboy, Carnifex, Suffocation, Suffokate, White Chapel, Beneath the Massacre, The Baby Lottery, Anal Asthma, Prostitute Disfigurement, Fuck the Facts, Fecalized Rectal Sperm Sewage, DiarrheaVomit, Satan's Revenge on Mankind, Frantic Facial Disfigurement, Digested Flesh, Guttural Engorgement, KillWhitneyDead, Cock and Ball Torture, IWrestledABearOnce, Van Halen, Metallica, Iron Maiden, SlipKnot, Killswitch Engage, AC/DC, God Smack, Judas Priest, Mastadon, Trivium, Meshuggah, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, KoRn, Tenacious D, Marilyn Manson, A.F.I., Alabama Thunderpussy, Alien Ant Farm, All That Remains, Anthrax, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Children of Bodom, Buckethead, Pantera, Megadeth, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Gwar, Nitro, Accept, Extreme, Beastie Boys, Guns n' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Piolets, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Boston, Motorhead, and Blue Oyster Cult. ______________________________________________________________________
Tim Fluga (Vocals): AC/DC, Eminem, Pantera, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Beastie Boys, Wu-Tang Clan, Tenacious D, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, The Who, The Sex Pistols, Guns n' Roses, D12, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Dio, The Doors, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Kiss, Lordi, Megadeth, Metallica, Motorhead, Nickelback, Queen, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Run-DMC, Rush, Steve Miller Band, Styx, Van Halen, Drowning Pool, Dope, Ozzy, Disturbed, Turisas, Blind Guardian, and a lot more. _______________________________________________________________________
David Brown (Vocals): Linkin Park, Aerosmith, Green Day, Guns n Roses, Beastie Boys, Tenacious D, Led Zepplin, Judas Priest, Kiss, Lordi, Megadeth, Dio, Quieen, Nickelback, Metallica, Disturbed, The Beatles, Michael Jackson R.I.P., Freddie Mercury (HEY, HE WAS KICKEN ASS, HE JUST PLAYED FOR THE OTHER TEAM), Korn, Billy Joel, Elvis (awh yeah), Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Perry Como, Kelly Clarkson (0___.), Limp Bizkit, Red Hot Chili Peppers, NIN, Gorillaz, Apocalyptica, Frankie Valli and the 4 seasons, Imogen Heap (Frou Frou), Armin Van Burren, The Prodigy, MUSE, Eminem, Dragonforce, Evanescence, Pink Floyd, Kidney Thieves, Massive Attack, Billy Idol, Maroon 5, David Cook, John Travolta, Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies, White Zombie/Rob Zombie, TSO, Nightwish, Louis Armstrong, Rammstein, Coldplay, Radiohead, Black Eyed Peas, Stephen Lynch, Yoko Shimomura(Kingdom Hearts/Mario RPG/etc. artist), Nobuo Uematsu(Final Fantasy artist), Koji Kodno(Zelda/Mario/Starfox/etc. artist), all of my family, my friends too, Ms. Reece, Shea&Potts, and most of the music from Rare. . . thats most of it

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