Peter Varsavik

Peter Varsavik

Peter Varsavik

Progressive, Alternative, Rock
From: Cadca, Slovakia

About Artist

Welcome, I believe that you can find music and sounds that speaks to you and evoke the feelings of your spiritual and humanity. Musical compositions presented herein are certainly respect by living with my everyday, reflecting the world around me which is my own and I certainly sinusoid course, what actually is known to us all who have entered this planet. Every human is accompanied by music from birth and form a specific and unique way, prompting him to action and reflection. My musical accomplishments have shot film music over ambient, pop, blues to progressive rock. All songs are recorded in home studio for the great support of my parents and friends to whom we are very thank you. Peter Varso Varsavik-guitar-bass guitar-keyboard-programming drums-home recording. Congratulations on Being One of Editor Boy's Big Eight!7/29/2008 Michael Molenda- Editor GUITAR PLAYER magazine, Artist, Producer. Played in Bands: Teória Odrazu. (Globus International, 1991) Otras: Kysucký postindustriál. (y.f.w., 1998) Fujak – Macsovszky – Varso: Trojkolo: beh fiktivity. (Animartis, 2000) The Ear Thieves, Anne Records 2002 Diwa Svina-guest guitar(concerts) Posuvanie Vagonov-guest guitar,bass guitar(concerts) Freedom of Choice-guest guitar,bass guitar(concerts,studio) Tri Groše-Prohibito(selectiveCD1989-1997)Omyly(2009)- studio guitar guest ,Dusan Penkala Solo Project-studio guitar guest-song Morning(blues lick) Šramot- guest guitar(concerts,tour) I wish you much comfort when listening and viewing. Sincerely, have a happy day and good luck in your life. Peter Varsavik

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