Pig B.C

Pig B.C

Pig B.C

Rock, Alternative
From: Skopje, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

Band Members

  • Iva - Vocal and in some songs Guitar
  • Bojan - Bass
  • Gorjan - Lead Guitar
  • Peti - Drums
  • Cobe - Keyboards

About Band

Everything started when Iva decided to form a band. She called Peti to play the drums and Bojan, the bass guitar. We wanted to make something different from the other bands that we had on our stage, so we started to work on our first song called "Insecure". When the song was finished, we realized that it was a bit empty...so, we started to look for one more guitarist and keyboard player...We had a little break-time till we find them...And finally in December 2008 Gorjan (guitar) and Cobe (keyboard) joined the band. Since than we are making music rapidly.We have now about 6 songs and many more ideas who are waiting to be made. Our First Gig was with Sonic BOoM siX from UK (Manchester) in club Castro-Skopje. We had a great time =] A Month later we participated on the underground festival in Skopje called "Rock Fest".... On 24th of April we participated on the semi-finale on the festival "Gitarijada" in Miravci-Gevgelija. We took the first place according the jury, award for the best bass player - Bojan Novevski and award fot the best drummer - Aleksandar Petkov (Pety). The next night on 25th of April we performed on the finale and got in in the first 3 winners of the night. The award is recording an audio and video record. We hope that it's going to be realized soon. We hope that in the nearest future we're going to get into studio, record the songs and publish a demo... Enjoy life, make music, party, get drunk and don't give a sh*t about anything bad happening...:]

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