Post Human

Post Human

Post Human

Alternative, Experimental, Other
From: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Band Members

  • Phoebe - Vocals, tentacles, female-ness
  • Gary - Electric and acoustic guitars
  • Rob - Hitting shit with sticks
  • James - Bass guitar, keyboards, asian

About Band

new name POST-HUMAN [O_UA] electric gypsy was getting old and gay

Half of the population of post-human  is asian. the other half dont know where theyre from.

Theres a little bit of everything thrown in there; Post- Punk, Grunge, Dream- Pop, Folk, Hard Rock, Indie, Punk, Soul, Surf, Noise, random samples of bells and feedback and other cool sounding things, i guess you could say electro(rock/clash/punk) sometimes but not really cause its just a guitar that sounds like a synth, Shoegaze, Art- Rock, Stsaerb, Minimalism... Drunkenness...       Boredom. depending on how many songs we choose to upload you might only hear some of that shit

If you live in the south of anglatere then you might just be lucky enough to find our first ep in radnom little record shops (not the big ones) for free :-)

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUm. we started a band one day in the 'lovley' city of Abu Dhabi. thats about it

 Songs being uploaded asap

we love you

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