Rap, Hip-Hop, Hardcore
From: Auckland, New Zealand

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My Name and Act name is Prince MLP, short for "Mapa Laione Payne", the story of where "Prince" came from is deep so will leave the details out.. Though i am sure you will accept and see why that is through my music.

Currently i am organizing an event to perform my best songs, looking into late May 2012 located in Central Auckland, inviting other acts in the local to do the same. An EP release would out at the same time. Updates will be posted along with the progress of it all.

I Try and keep my Lyrics real every time i write a song. I tell my story of what i have lived through including how i have felt with all that has been there for me and all those that have weighed me down. I also write about the changes i have seen and witnessed in myself and the people around me. My biggest Influences and Inspiration's who have played a huge deal in why i am who i am today are "DMX" &  "2Pac" along with the rest who delivered that similar type of energy, Not just Rap music either, There was "Luke Dube" & "Bob Marley" of that reggae genre, "Elvis Presley" and "Buddy Holly" from the rock n roll era, the list is endless. I believe music should tell nothing but true stories of drama, views, experience and inspiration, the whole lot in that path.

I have been in and out with my music for years not really putting work like i should be doing till now. I love writing on East and West sounding beats. There is something so right about the feeling i get when that beat drops. I have yet to explored a whole lot of producers out there of this nature however i have been working with lately which you will here when i click the upload button and share with you all. Not only do i have my solo act in movement, I also get on the collaboration train as well to put in my part and make things happen for the other artist/s.

I do you see myself making a living out of my music one day of which i am planning and working on currently, looking into Building tight Relation's with other Muso's including Rappers, Producers, Managers, Promoters and Record Labels, All those involved with music and all those who carry the same vision and  determination.

I home town is Auckland NZ which is south of the Pacific, I always looked and felt that this world is one Massive country so to all who see my passion as a "RAP ARTIST" and Dig my Style, Energy and Behavior then get at me, you are just a flight away.

Prince MLP.

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