Metal, Death Metal, Progressive
From: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Band Members

  • Carlos Morales - Vocals
  • Raymond Fernández - Bass
  • Mario Ventura - Drums
  • Emmanuel Disla - Guitars
  • Albert De Pena - Guitars

About Band

Progenitus, the soul of the world, is a deity. A powerful, beast-like tyrant, almost driven to madness due to its inescapable fate to be bound, by means of empathy, to every single human being...a sleeping giant, from a place that can´t be reached by mortals begins his ascent to the "surface", driven by the madness of how meaningless existence has become, He ascends, primed to return everything to nothingness... Progenitus is an intense musical endeavor. Originally the brainchild of Guitarist Albert de Peña to express his oscillating metal sensibilities. De Peña created a series of structured riffs, riffs which later became structures themselves, and eventually, compelling concepts born from such. Concepts which demanded dedicated musicians to tell its fated tale as it should be told. De Peña enlists several musicians, performs test runs of all sorts, and, finally after much struggling and several incarnations later, the band finds its five horsemen in guitarist Emmanuel "Metalface" Disla, Mario Ventura (Drums), Raymond Fernández (Bass) and Carlos Morales (Vocals). The band is not only tasked with creating the most breakneck soundtrack possible to accompany it, but also lyrically adapting the already epic tale (Originally from Magic: The Gathering) into a modern voyage towards the darkest side of existence. The unexpected is to be expected... You have been warned...

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