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My name is Josh and I was born in Illinois and moved to northern Indiana when I was 2.  I started playing bass guitar when I was 12 and started playing acustic when I was 16.  I love music, my whole life has revolved around it in one way or another.There are so many musicians that have inspired me but I'll name a few......Everyone from Bob Marley,Bob Dylan,Tupac, Mickey Avalon,John Lennon,Sublime and Dimebag Darryl. Those are just a few of many. My family and friends really like my music and encouraged me to get my talent out there and see where I can go with it.                 

Josh Collings was born in Illinois. He has lived in Columbia City, Indiana most of his life. Josh was born on Jan 18th 1985. His talent for music surfaced at an early age and not long after, he picked up his first guitar and hasn't stopped playing since. When he was a young boy Josh was inspired by artist Tupac Shakur sending him down the road of making hip hop music. He has many genre styles. For example: hip hop, reggae, rap, blues, rock and more. He makes his own beats and mixes his own music, and writes and sings his own words from his living room. Josh is enthusiastic about his music and is eager to get noticed!! He has recently released his music and has a very large fan base. His first and second album both have 14 tracks and his third has 10. Josh would like to send a huge thanx out to friends,fans and family who stood by me, And a special thanx out to the haters who made me famous..LOL



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