Progressive, Metal, Funk
From: Patra, Greece

Band Members

  • Antonis Panagopoulos - guitar
  • Thanasis Paparidis - guitar
  • Panagiotis Tsalidis - vocals

About Band

The band started back in 2003 as an instrumental rock band.Until then we didn't have meet each other,but even from the rehearsal for a live show we realised that something  was up.There was this chemistry between us despite our differences in age and musical preferences.So we decided not to end it but try to make our songs.Althought we were all coming from rock musical roots there was an invisible power forcing the sound of the band towards prog rock,fusion and funk elements.This was a problem at first but soon  enough we realised that this was our thing and it shouldn't be restricted.
  We faced many difficulties that mostly had to do with changes in band members and the unmarketable nature of our music.We did many live shows mostly at Patra covering musical areas as funk,fusion,power fusion,metal and in general what ever rock style with many improvisational parts.
  We recorded a demo cd which was not exactly what we wanted but i guess that shit happens.So we tried a new one that we think it comes closest to what we want.We also have new material that we are processing at the moment.

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Website: www.myspace.com/quadratheband

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