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I first got started with music when i was 14 years old. I recorded my first track called Last Breath in the month of November 2007. I had a deep passion for music, for a long time. I always wanted too record music ever since my older brother, Tristan Carter aka Tubit had started recording when he was 16 years old. I got the chance when i was finally 14 years old. Ever since then ive bin deep into music. I formed a group called the Freedom Rydahz when i was 15 years old. Over the small time i was growing into music, i also had a dream too be producing beats. So while i was thinking of producing beats i contacted Tubit's old friend Ministry Doc of Crossoverr Productions. Ministry gave me pointers an told me a program that i could download right from the internet called  Fruity Loops Studio. I found the site an dowloaded the demo version. I worked with Fruity Loops for almost a year before i got a hold of  Reason 4.   Ever since then ive bin using Reason, and im loving it. Thanks for all the help i got over the years ive bin into music. Im ganna keep going an make everything worth it. Thank you Tubit, Ministry Doc, an  everyone else who supports me in my music. :D keep it real...

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Or find me on Facebook ------ Billy Radar Carter

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