Radio Earth

Radio Earth

Radio Earth

Rock, Alternative, Indie
From: Old Forge, PA, United States

Band Members

  • Chris Capozza - Guitar & Vocals
  • Bill Kortvely - Drums and Bass

About Band

My full name is Christopher Peter Capozza. I was born in Bridgeton, N.J. to an 'old fashioned' Italian father who worked for the government and a 'soft spoken' Ukrainian mother. My family relocated to Pennsylvania by the time I was 3 years of age to the Lehigh Valley which I call my hometown, and where the roots of music would start to blossom in my early life. At 6 years of age my Aunt Mary got me on stage at a wedding to sing with the band that was playing. I reluctantly went up and did a blurry version of 'King Of The Road'. As bad as I know I was, I was bitten by the music bug at that moment. First singing in the choir for several years in school, then taking up the violin at the encouragement of my father. It also seemed like the logical thing to do since he played violin when he was younger. While I took to playing a stringed instrument, it was not the stringed instrument that would become my passion to me when I became a teenager... It was 'the guitar'. Being the spoiled Italian boy that I was, my father bought be a Fender Telecaster and a Peavey Classic amp for Christmas even though at that point I was not ready as I now look back. He soon got me proper lessons in nearby Nazareth with a gifted guitarist, songwriter, and arranger in Mike Krisukas of Zen For Primates (movie credits in the movie Paycheck starring Ben Affleck) and T. Roth and Another Pretty Face. I continued training under Mike's tutelage until it was time for me to move on to college. I tried to continue the 'traditional' music route in college but really lost interest at that point when I started a band with some of my high school buds. That band and the dedication we put forth would get us in the full-time circuit with Media 5 Entertainment managing us after a self-booked show they attended in New Jersey. So much for finishing college! I ended up touring full-time and semi-full time with, Bullet, Gandalf, and Idle Threats for 12 years. I have to admit that I would not trade those times for the world even if we did not attain the goal in which we started with, "To make it". As I now know, making it in the music business or any part of life is what "you" make of it. It does not have to be all or nothing. Passion for anything in life is what should be the important thing. To this day I still record in the studio with the original band 'Radio Earth' and play live with the cover band, 'Kopy Kats'. We perform mainly in the Poconos and in the Lehigh Valley but are looking to expand to other areas in the near future. I also began an independent record label with a great friend of mine back in 1997 that started out as an outlet for our original music, then expanded to include national bands to our delight. If you would like to hear some of the original material I have recorded both in the past and to the present day you can listen to a small portion of Radio Earth songs at: <a href="" target="_blank">REVERB NATION</a>

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