Black Metal
From: Kathmandu, Nepal

Band Members

  • Shuunil Shakya - Voacalist
  • Rupesh Thakuri - Lead
  • Sameer Tamang - Rhythm
  • Krishna Gopali - Bass
  • Vivek Tamang - Drum

About Band

Asantusta Atmaa changed the band name and put it as "RAKTA-KUNDA".Rakta-kunda is the name of melodic death and black metal band of nepali music industry.Saying about the Rakta-kunda this band is formed in 2008 A.D with starting from 3 To 4 To 5.This band got 5 members.On Death and black vocals we got Shuunil Gubhaju [Shakya],we got Rupesh Thakuri on lead,Sameer Tamang on Rhythm,Krishna Gopali on Bass,Vivek Tamang on Drum.Not only we produce a sound like death and black but we also produce instrumental on nepali flavour and some Rock "N" Roll but black metal is more what we do and produce.Saying about the black metal this is the sound on whick we can say what we feel and this music is a revolution.We had already released our debut underground album [Voice Of Satan] on Bhuumigaat Records from Rakta-Kunda Production.Now on we are planning to produce our album on the market as professionally.The album will be [Fusion Of Mysterious Sound] which will have a fusion track on black metal as well as on death metal.We are planning to produce black and death metal in a melodic way by using the classical instrument like Sarangi,Flute,Madal,Tabala,Narsinga e.t.c...Just wait for it...Sayin about the concert during this one year we have done several conecrt including the place [Bhrikuti Mandap, kathmadu Mall,Jawlakhel and in some K.T.M college.Our future concert will be in Kathmandu on Asar at Bafal,Chovar,Thankot.Next in Bardibass and Chitwan.And one international concert at Mumbai in India with the band Dhairyaa,Parikramaa.We got several collaboration with the band like [Last Warrior,Mechanical Weapon,Sinz Ridder]...Sayin about the members all the crew members study at sirus in 11.Lastly feel the music that we produce and listin it and STOP PIRACY!!!!

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