Alternative, Electronica, Trip-Hop
From: Venezia, Italy

Band Members

  • Giorgio Ricci - Keyboards Sequencers
  • Romina Salvadori - Voice
  • Gianpaolo Diacci - Bass, Stick

About Band

RAN is the blending of: a woman's voice, the Witch's voice, the Fairy's voice and synthetic sounds, violent noises, soft noises. RAN is ice sound slowly melting by a warm brook of feeble voice. RAN is, at the same time, the exasperated power of an angry voice freezing a tepid violin. RAN is the name of the new project of two artists from the Italian ethereal music landscape. Romina is already familiar to many Italian fans for having been the admired lead vocalist of a very popular band called estAsia throughout the past decade, whose release ..Stasi.. (Polydor, 1997) gained consensus and much attention within the alternative Italian music world. Some years ahead Romina started her career with the band Antinomia, which was quite appreciated in Italy as they won many local music contexts such as the ..Arezzo Wave.. competition, and represented Italy at the Bourges Festival (France). They appeared in several compilations together with artists such as Durutti Column, Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens, John Hassel, Steve Reich; ..Affair de coeur.. .. CD Derriere Records (Germany) / Discordia distribution; ..Les decouvertes du Printemps de Bourges.. .. CD Fnac Music (France). Managed by the label ..Dischi del Mulo.. and produced by Polydor, Antinomia changed their name to estAsia and released the album ..Stasi.. in 1997, followed by a tour all around Italy consisting of 140 dates. They also partecipated to TV shows such as ..Roxy Bar.., ..Help.., ..Il Muro.., ..Com..è.., ..New Age... Some tracks from ..Stasi.. were also included as background on the ..Geo&Geo.. documentary, and the song ..Il Gange.. was used at MTV for the jingle of the 1st of December ..97 national day against AIDS. ..Stasi.. sold approximately 10.000 copies. Giorgio played synthesizers and keyboards with Templebeat, one of the most important Italian electro-crossover act of the 90..s. In early 1992 Templebeat released "Wargasm", which topped electro charts in Germany (Technoclub), England (Hardclub, Eurobeat 2000) and Scandinavia. "Einstein on the Beach" also became a video-clip that got heavy rotation on Videomusic and appeared on MTV Europe's TV show "120 Minutes". In November '93 Templebeat signed with Dynamica, the new sub-label of the German prestigious electro label Noise International, and the new CD "Black Suburbia" broke up indie charts and musical magazines everywhere. A full Italian tour took place in the years 1993-1994 and in the same years TempleBeat appeared in important compilations such as "The Digital Space Between" (released by Hard Records) with Front 242, Die Krupps, Clock DVA, Skinny Puppy, Pankow etc. ..Noise International.. promoted ..Black Suburbia.. in the USA, releasing the compilation "Dynamica - A Label Introduction" including Templebeat plus well-known acts as such as Cubanate, Oomph, Think About Mutation and others. "Mediaskickness" (new album) was licensed in USA to 21st Circuitry Records (distributed by Metropolis Records) including two previously unreleased remixes of the track "The Brain Cult of Macho Irony" by Swamp Terrorists. In recent years, Romina and Giorgio decided to collaborate putting together their artistic influences and boosting each other..s creativity: the new project is ready to fuel its long-awaited first release ..Ran.., to be published and distributed within the very next weeks produced by Decadance Records. ----- Romina Salvadori: ex vocalist estAsia Discography: Stasi CD I dischi del mulo / Polydor 1997 ----- Giorgio Ricci: ex keyboards, synths player Templebeat and Hysterie Discography: Black Suburbia CD Dinamica / Rough Trade 1994 Templebeat Mediasickness CD Sub Mission / SPV / CGD 1996 Templebeat Vampiria CD Sottomondo 2001 - Hysterie

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