Acoustic, Pop, Country
From: jakarta, Indonesia

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I am a human being who was born as a human being.
my growth as time passes, memories that will thrill as well surrender my fate in the lives of loved ones: my mother and my father left will signal their love for his beautiful creation of god, that looks or sounds.
before his death, my mother taught me to be compassionate even though it is very short.
because my mother died when I was 6 years old, of a heart attack.
and my father introduced his beautiful guitar sound, I often fall asleep by the harmonization of acoustic guitar and baritone voice that became the character of my father's voice.
God called him three months ago before this moment I wrote it.
both my parents are teachers special for me.
lost love makes my heart and my fantasy, expect compassion like a parent who genuinely loves his children.
I now realize that the god who never stopped loving.
and as a man I should be able to spread compassion for fellow human beings.
current through the songs I composed and the music I play, is love for you.
I want to convey my message of love (my song) to the entire heart in the universe.
hopefully god gave way to me .. amen "
My greetings to you who to love.

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Website: www.youtube.com/user/ranggasweetless?bl end=7&ob=5

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