Hip-Hop, Rap, Hardcore
From: Santiago, Chile

Band Members

  • Mc Niel - Mc
  • PapitasFreestyle (Rodaventura) - Mc
  • Dj Pharuk - Dj scratchs

About Band

Young experienced, well summarizes "RAP CHILENISMO". Mc Niel and Papitas Freestyle aka Rod Adventure, are the team with fewer wrinkles, but stronger sound at the scene of Rap santiaguino, Chile.

Coming from both the Northern Zone, grow the eaves of one of the best schools Rap born in Chile, which in their early young age invade ears, hence when opening her mouth (language, the message, the ability, capacity , etc.) is noticeable. Not only by the sound of rap and its forms, but for security who manage to convey in the micro despite their early ages.

Many know this team for the great success "our way", easy to spread as an exceptional achievement, thanks to the excellent flows and also to separate, small but strong video they made for the same item, which drew attention, not only the public but all other mcs they saw as a project Gest so young and so full of "attitude, style and soul."

La banda also presented with a new member, DJ Pharuk, who joined with his scratch, beats and support essential to the presentations live to this project rather than a promise, is a reality of good hip-hop.

Banda currently preparing what will be his first LP, called RAP CHILENISMO - A NUESTRA MANERA(LP), not in a manner ultra-nationalist, but more than anything to highlight the essence of rap they do is 100% Chilean, this new proposal and will continue to maintain the strength that characterizes the original RAP CHILENISMO.

Meanwhile we can hear a preview of  themes in his myspace:


We hope to have more news soon. It was dismissed.

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Website: www.myspace.com/rapchilenismo

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