Ray Dollar

Ray Dollar

Ray Dollar

Jazz, Country, Rock
From: Auckland, New Zealand

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Hey! My Name is Ray Dollar.

I learnt violin for about four years at school, and had my first contact with a guitar when I was about sixteen years of age-just mucking around. I did'nt start to learn how to play properly until I was about twenty-five years of age, and a friend gave me a chart of all the basic chords and I started to learn to finger them.

From here I went on and took some lessons in reading music and playing Jazz chords. I was intrigued by the chord voicings for Jazz chordings and with my knowledge of melody I started to work with a Blind Female musician of experience, and we worked up my first songs. I could'nt play all of them at first, so I perservered, and now at the age of fifty-six, I can play all my stuff.

When I create, I get chordings and a sense of the melody firstly, then I do the lyrics. It seem to come naturally!

I like to play an acoustic Classical guitar-it's my baby!

I have had a good deal of Wordly experience. I studied at University for some time and got a couple of degrees, and as well I was a school teacher for about ten years.

I studied Tibetan Buddhism for about twenty-five years and achieved quietitude. Last year I was blessed by the Lord, who took away my pain of the suffering I experienced as a long-term Psychiatric patient and I am Born-Again! I took communion, and it felt that a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

A lot of my music was written before I became a Christian strangely, as I have always had an unshakeable belief and faith in God Almighty and a Love and respect for the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This year, with the direction of the Christ, I vowed to try and release my music to the public and with his direction, I saved and sacrificed and got together a home recording studio be it ever so humble. I use the program called "Audacity" to make my CD's.

I am not a "wowser" and a lot of my music is suitable for Christians and non-christians alike. It is my desire that people learn to realise that their suffering' and the suffering of Christ are akin, and that they can be helped and released from their Pain through his Love!

I am also concerned about Society, and I take an Active stand on World change and Global cooperation to try and save our planet. I believe we need to break down the boundaries and taboos in society, so I hope my music can entertain, bring pleasure, and inspire.

May God Bless You!

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Website: www.raydollar.com

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