Alternative, Rock, Indie
From: Athens, Greece

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Remade is an alternative rock four piece band from Athens, Greece. Their name is kind of experiential, as too many players have come and gone. Despite the constant changes of members, the core of the band remains the same; Nick P. (guitars and backing vocals) and John Garrett (vocals - rhythm guitar). Together they are the composers of the songs. The remaining members are Alex A. (bass) and Tom Halanoulis (drums). Their music has incorporated many styles but the driving force in the songs is always the melody. The lyrics reflect personal experience but always put in social frame. Loud drums and bass are always present, with the guitars and vocals interpreting the nature of each song. Their first album called ‘The Spark’ had received positive reviews and after two years, their second album titled ‘David’ is ready. “A modern sound with a twist of vintage flavor” as they like to describe it, ‘David’ will be released in parts, two E.Ps and finally the whole album. There is a reason behind this. The first E.P is the joyful and positive side of David and will be released on the 1st of September. The second E.P, which will come out later in 2014, will sound a lot darker. Finally, somewhere in April the complete album will be available and the true nature of ‘David’ will be revealed. The album was recorded and mixed at Lizard Sound Studio by Dimitris Karpouzas. The band undertook the production and Brian Lucey, famous for his work with the ‘Black Keys’ and ‘Arctic Monkeys’, did the mastering. Remade always like to push their limits both in studio and live stage. They have participated in many radio programs and their latest appearance on TV was on the Greek public channel. They have performed in most live stages in Athens and have a true and dedicated fan base. They have also done charity work through their gigs. Remade are: John Garrett (vocals – rhythm guitar) Nick Pap (guitars – backing vocals) Alex Amvrosidis (bass – backing vocals) Thomas Halanoulis (drums and percussion)

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