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 The  Brief History of Reparation

in 1992 matthew munari bought an r-70 drum machine, an acoustic guitar, and a 4 track tape player....the guitar songs are with Bryan Finchem ( ) and the first couple years were with Bryan and Matthew on vox, the productuion is all matthews unless otherwise stated he plans on some new gear, matthew got shot in th head, but miraculously lived  on his birthday in a coma for 3 1/2 weeks, matthew saw there is more after die....these songs are pre-gunshot wound, but im pimpin out my situation, matthews hearing was at 90% deafness.through prayer and time its come back....matthew lost the use of his left hand 100% so any guitar tracks are still him playing where noted

Then matthew composed about 100 songs in a 6 month period..most with Robert Beem Jt.          Anybody who can understand the lyrics see the prophecies in these songs, they are from 98 - 00...

 this is the whole reparation album you dont fuck back, if  you want a free copy, w/ lyrics & artwork send a self addressed stamped envelope (big enough to hold a cd +_4 stamps) to 2812 w. oakey las vegas nv l89102 


I added a new song to the album, Love is now available.....bringin the total to 9 or so....















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