Hip-Hop, Gospel, Christian
From: Nairobi, Kenya

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My real name is Nelson obonyo. I was born on 23rd April 1990.i use the RNELLYO as my stage name. It’s basically my name. The ‘r’ means REAL then NELLY the short form of NELSON and O for OBONYO. This is because I talk about real issues in my lyrics. My journey in music has been really interesting. The passion for music has always been in me since my childhood. I never actually composed my own songs but I did love music a lot. Right in high school is where everything began. I used to copy other people’s songs and perform them to my friends. The songs were mainly for kleptomaniax, the days of ‘twendelee ama tusiendelee’, and this was happening in form two.one day I just sat and decided to start doing my own songs. I dint have idea of how songs are written, number of bars, chorus, bridge etc. but God inspired me. Listening to a lot of music and going to gigs where younger people than me performed really upped my game. Back then we used to be a duo with a friend of mine, Mr.FENT. We did several gigs at school and in churches around our area. In 2009, after completing my high school, I went to coast and did a track “LIFE KAMA NDOTO” with an artist known as JA in CRACK SOUND STUDIO. The song was a contemporary/hardcore and my first ever song to feature in. Later on, in the same year, I did another track “GOD IS CALLING” with Mr. FENT in a certain studio in WEBUYE town. The major setback was finance and good studio to record in. Several rejections and discouragements were there but I kept pushing on. I, later on, linked up with another friend of mine in 2010 and did another track “love” in a studio he was working in. Sometimes we could record songs using the laptop. Specimen knew how to create beats using fruity loops but he wasn’t good enough in editing and mastering so most of the tracks were not of good quality. I kept composing more and more songs hoping to get a good studio one day. There came a ‘dry spell’ later in the same year where there was no studio, no recording, no show and I was my first year in campus, University of Nairobi. This was short lived, since I was able to another track “LET THE POWER COME DOWN” that I can actually consider as my first best song featuring specimen. It’s actually the first track in my MIXTAPE.SPECIMEN made the beat, recorded me and did the mastering.it was dope, his mastering skills had now greatly improved. This made do my first single “WINNER” and it did come through because he made a dope beat. I have been performing in events with the song and it’s been doing well. I have performed at Mamlaka chapel, deliverance church Donholm, and K24’S GET LIFTED SHOW where I actually met my producer, OTHOLE. He liked my performance, we linked up and I joined NYNP.This was none other than God’s grace. NYNP is now my home, OTHOLE my producer, mentor and brother. I did the video for “WINNER” in December 2012 with LIBRARY BOX, OTTOMATIC AND MMM as the video producers. I have a lot of future plans for my career which am still working on. I have a range of tracks to be released and to record. I will be dropping m in December 2012 with LIBRARY BOX, OTTOMATIC AND MMM as the video producers. I have a lot of future plans for my career which am still working on. I have a range of tracks to be released and to record. I will be dropping my mix tape later on this year, date to be communicated ASAP. It will be a 10track mix tape featuring several artists; SPECIMEN, DSPACE, MALUDA, OTHOLE etc. The second song in the mix tape “FAME” will be dropping in a few weeks time.im also working on my ALBUM which will come out next year APRIL. Several collaborations are also on the way. I have done another collabo with JAY OH which will be dropping soon. In this journey, the greatest things that have kept me going are GOD, patience, persistence, prayer, faithfulness to GOD, humility and accepting God to work in me. Glory goes to God for everything.it not by might that I was able to do it. I believe God is taking to a far place and I trust Him. He hasn’t brought me this far to leave me. That is what I hold on to everyday.

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