Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Pop, R&B, Soul
From: Southampton, United Kingdom

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Hey im Robert Taylor Born Robert John Taylor on 3rd September 1993. I am 15 my fave colours are brown,blue,purple and orange. I am a random kid but you know what teenager isnt these days. I love ot have fun and  hang out with my mates i am a bit of a leader but i dont like to take charge all of the time either cause i think i do it too often or cause i have no idea what is going on.

My Music Career:
Ihave has always loved singing but first started singing properly in my year 6 production when i got a main part. I had a small solo and from then he knew he loved singing. My teacher at the time asked everyone "Did you know he could sing?" and none of the people she asked did because i didn't sing but now you can ask anybody i don't stop singing i always finds a song to sing. I have now got my sights set on being a professional recording artist. In my spare time i go out with my friends watch tv and writes my own songs with the help of my two best friends Hannah and Alice. I would like to be a male version of Kelly Clarkson because she is awesome and also I would like to emulate the success of Leona Lewis.

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