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About the Spaz:
Saint Spaz is a computer generated instrumental metal band created by Chris Martin, who's mainly focused on the "dark" or "down" sides of life, but with a melodic twist as the usual outcome.

After a year of Saint Spaz creation, Chris then created and signed himself to Spazzed Out Wreckordz. Within the first 2 years of creating music, Saint Spaz has been releasing tracks to the public for free via internet streaming. By 2010, Saint Spaz had finally worked on enough unheard material and was going to release his first studio recorded album entitled "2 Skulls Up" (working title: "Was Here"), but then ran into some production problems and has been on hiatus until late 2011.

After many tracks being created in 2010/2011/2012, Saint Spaz has now finally released his first studio album! This album includes all old tracks of 2010, and is available to the public. Download Very 1st or the Special Edition for free right now at SoundTest.

Other Information:

Saint Spaz isn't really a band! There are no real instruments in this music, it's all computer generated. The guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, and all the stuff you'd hear in this music is actually done with a computer program.

Saint Spaz has made a lot of noise since 2010 and wants to share it all, but unlike any other music artist, not all tracks are going to be released on just the one album. There's an expectation of at least FOUR more albums to have every track released, so stay tuned!

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