Rock, Punk, Grunge
From: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Band Members

  • Mike - Vocals
  • Pavel - Guitar
  • Jay - Drums
  • Crom - Bass

About Band

The Munkfin Saga The Story Of SANDWASH.

In 1932, Bolivian archeologist Claro Del Piero discovered the remains of an ancient temple in present day Kazakhstan. Located in the center of the harsh Munkfin wasteland, the total area of the ruins stretched to an astounding 23 square-meters. Its exterior design was characterized by sculpted depictions of a man-like creature with three horns. The inside of the temple was equally disturbing. The upper beams that held the ceiling were lined with crude sculptures of human heads, with serpentine tongues sticking out from obscure open mouths (Del Piero 482).

Scientific readings indicated that the ruins dated back to 2466 B.C. Leading historians from around the world were invited to trace the origin of the temple and decipher the etched scriptures on the temple walls. Elements of Summerian writing and cuneifrom were employed in the process (Huelez 32).

The result was blood curdling.

Studies showed that the temple belonged to an undiscovered nano-race of cannibals. The temple served as a sacrifice chamber to their prime deity, the man-goat god. The ancient race believed the man-goat created the universe through a ‘whirl of hunger’; and unless pleasured, it would consume its own creation (Forsyth 310). To avoid this harrowing destruction, the serpent god was regularly presented with human pleasure.

Every four nights, the populace would bring a ‘silenced’ virgin maiden into the chamber. A priestess would then take up the role of the Serpent and approach the sacrifice. With a handful of red sand from the wasteland, the priestess would rub the ‘silenced’ virgin’s genitals. The sacrifice’s screams were believed to satisfy the hunger of the man-goat. (Ernest 84).

The act often lasted a whole night, while four priests stood at every corner of the temple to chant the songs of ‘Zhi’ above the moans of nubile women who fornicated along the temple walls (Huelez 814).

After the virgin maiden climaxed thirteen times, she became the new priestess. Her predecessor would leave on foot to gather the next bag of red sand from the Munkfin. The priests who stood at the corners of the temple would then submit themselves to be butchered and eaten uncooked by the fornicating women (Ernest 582). The tongues of the human feast, however, were reserved for the priestess. She would eat them in belief that they allowed her to communicate with the man-goat god (Del Piero 604).

Historians named this barbaric ritual ‘Sandwash.’


Groovecore Sandwash plays their own style of music called ‘groovecore’, a form of rock music characterized by vintage guitar riffs, modern metal dynamics and soaring sing-along choruses. Groovecore typically features themes about decadent relationships and the highs and lows of being a 20-something in Dubai.

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