From: NAXXAR, Malta

Band Members

  • Konrad - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards/Piano
  • David Cassar Torregiani - Guitars, Vocals
  • Michael Scicluna - Bass

About Band

Formed in mid-2001, Scar recorded their first two demo-tracks with well-respected local producer, David Vella (Philip Boa, Beangrowers). The end result was very encouraging - Time to Know topped the Maltese radio charts and was given top billing on Italian radio station RAI UNO, also being used for three months as a signature tune for one of their programmes. Scars second track Calling Out had an even better response, remaining on local radio charts for over 12 weeks, whilst also being play-listed on an American radio station for over three months. Following the success garnered by these tracks, Scar released their debut self-entitled album in May 2003, which they launched during a surprise live performance on a pavement in front of the biggest music store in Malta. The single released from the album, Fences topped the charts of Maltas biggest radio stations for over 14 weeks, whilst grabbing the attention of an Italian artist who came to Malta to record an Italian version of it to release in Italy. This was the start of Scars reputation for their outstanding live performances, earning the band respect and establishing them firmly in the local scene - the inclusion of the Didjeridoo in one of their songs made audiences rather curious! Apart from various local and some foreign TV and radio appearances, Scar have given over a hundred live performances in the last two years, covering most of the pubs and clubs, and enjoying a good and constant response from the crowd whilst gathering more admirers. This led them to obtaining main slots at major festivals on the Maltese isles, including those organised by Heineken, Carlsberg, Lucky Strike, and Budweiser, featuring various foreign artists including Faithless. Last May, Scar were selected from over 50 other European bands to obtain a main slot in a festival organised in Poland, performing to over 15,000 people! ... not bad for their first overseas performance. The music that Scar generates has a gritty mainstream approach intertwined with catchy choruses, giving them a versatile and original approach. Lyrics-wise, the songs deal with various issues such as the persistent debris surrounding obsessive relationships and the doubts that follow suit, frustration and anger created by persistent abuse, to other positive issues like the world being beautiful enough to be dealt with and appreciated rather than criticised ... an upbeat approach in a world clouded by doubt, extreme consumerism, and the institutionalised, desensitised fodder spewing out of our TVs. In January 2005, Scar signed a distribution deal with Cargo Records (Germany) to be able to push the album overseas and helping them to get more exposure abroad. With various award nominations and a Best Album Production award for 2002/2003 up their sleeve, Scar have obtained very positive feedback and reviews from the local and foreign media. The trio offers excellent melodic guitar pop. The rock in the Mediterranean will soon be on the rock and roll map." ... Musikmarkt Magazine (Germany) Scars debut manages to bring together the fluid direction of its content into a solid sound record that remains interesting and appealing from start to finish. ... Michael Bugeja - The Malta Independent Scar's compositions definitely hover above other foreign artists from a great height when it comes to quality tunes. It is an accomplished album armed with 13 catchy and hummable numbers - definitely the top of the list this month, and deservedly so." ... Woody Aki - Editor, Dansezee Magazine "Scar have done a lot of soul searching before they released this album and have managed to convey a brand of high-octane modern rock and give it their own slant." ... Eric Montfort - The Malta Times / Deejay - Radio 101 Maltas diminutive size and equally small population of 400,000 limits the bands future possibilities, even after having sold over 3,000 albums in Malta alone. The music Scar create has an aura of confidence brimming with energy and commitment that can see them go places much more further than their present confines. Scar have topped the local charts and tasted foreign ones; enjoyed consistent local airplay and savoured some foreign; performed practically everywhere in Malta, and delivered their first overseas show in Poland; it will only be a short time before the outside world will eventually be seduced by Scars music, and rest assured that you will be next after listening to them!

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