Metal, Hardcore, Gothic
From: Pordenone, Italy

Band Members

  • Antonella - Voice
  • Andrea - Guitar/Voice
  • Blackie - Guitar/Voice
  • Zimon - Bass
  • Grave - Drums

About Band


This project was born out of the will of Andrea "The Ogre" (guitar) and Antonella (voice) to form a group in which the distorted sonority of metal would be united with pure melody. Andrea has played the guitar for 10 years and came to the band having had experience with "folk" metal, thrash metal groups, etc. like Swarovski trio, Flyfromcage and Palcoda. Antonella has sung solo from 10 years during which she studied singing (opera, jazz, blues) in an institute as well as having experience with various cover groups, this experience made her want to form a group able to give 100% not only to performance but also to the creation of new songs. The launch of the group was difficult as it was difficult to find a bass guitarist and drummer right for this kind of project... why? Because their ideas were so different from the way the project was planned or because they didn't have musical influences in common.


Simone (bass) joined the band and all the proposals were received by him with enthusiasm. He'd played for many years and had the ability to find his identity within the group, as well as Andrea and Antonella he is in to the likes of Machine Head, Lacuna Coil, Korn, Soulfly, Nightwish, etc. result? Perfect!! From the moment he began to insert his bass line into some of the songs, they added also the keyboard which succeeded in filling out the musical lines of the songs, and the percussion...


ScareCrown started to support the live performances of friend's bands and in March had the luck and honor to play at the ex Cerit in Pordenone the same evening of the concert as Lacuna Coil and Node. However there was always something that wasn't convincing about the road that had been taken to this point, the idea of the keyboard was dropped and they started to look for the missing piece of the jigsaw: the drummer who could make them complete.


The search for a drummer continued relentlessly but despite this Andrea, Antonella and Simone go on writing, rewriting and creating so when Federico "Biso" arrived there were so many songs in the pipe work that with his experience (10 years also) and his enthusiasm they were complete...

MARCH 2006:

After nearly two years of live performances and with compositions more researched and mature, the band has decided that it's the right time to grow by introducing a second guitar....and it is so that Blackie has entered officially to be part of the ScareCrown


After 3 years together Federico "Biso" left the band ‘cause, sometimes, ways of life, lead people to make different choices. This is the beginning of a new year, where Mr. Fabio “Grave” becomes part of ScareCrown’s Family as new drummer......and the story still

goes on...

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