Acoustic, Folk, Pop
From: Leeds, United Kingdom

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After four long years comes the new release by Yorkshire born acoustic singer Scott Olgard.  Play Along is a heart rendering collection of songs spanning the intricate moments in life that are often overlooked. The title is a theme that is explored throughout the record, as Olgard explains: “Life is full of games; even if we don’t want to play along, these games still take place.”  From the opening lines of ‘Saving Face’, to the final notes of ‘Taken for Granted (Ever After)’, these songs take you on a journey through Scott Olgard’s mind, from the moments within an argument, stories of a girl in a flawed relationship with an ex lover, to a lovingly honest track about absent friends.

The release was captured in the heart of the Yorkshire Valley at Ryburn studios in Ripponden, with producer Joss Worthington directing the movement.  The studio was chosen for its large open live room, quiet and airy atmosphere, and stunningly creative surroundings.  Adding to Play Along’s sound was the fact that everything was recorded within the same live room, capturing a part of Olgard’s soul on the recording in its purest sense.  “I feel like the studio took a part of me and put it into these songs, in a sort of imperfectly perfect way.  We did so little in terms of editing and processing that it really captured the emotion in its most naked and honest form”.

The songs found on this release lend themselves much more to an energetic and uplifting sense of being within the creator himself than previous release Collections.  “I think I’m at a point in my life where I can enjoy myself more” comments Olgard on the new sound, and whilst these tracks can still pull at the listeners’ emotions, there is a much greater sense of optimism entangled within them.  There is also a feeling of maturity, with hints of folk, blues and pop poking through into the tracks.  There is still however, the intimate feeling of one man sharing his soul with you, and you alone.  Says Joss Worthington of the effort: “I can close my eyes and picture a dark room, with just Scott and his guitar, late at night somewhere.”

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