sellouts of ska

sellouts of ska

sellouts of ska

From: st pete, FL, United States

Band Members

  • Matt - lead guitar
  • Pez - Vocals
  • Christian - sax
  • Tom - bass
  • Dan - trumpet
  • Shaun - Drums

About Band

Once apon a time in a rich people town there lived a incredibly hot boy named pez. He was called this by his amigos due to his love of Less Than Jake and uhhhhh pez. Pez was poor. One day Pez met Matt who was a dork by all means. The two got along and pez was all like "hey matt you should listen to Bad Religion they are neato-keen!" and Matt said"uhhhh okey dokey" thus began their love of punk rock. Pez wanted to start a band and said "Matt go get a bass cuz all bass playas are named Matt, like Matt Wong and Matt Freeman." Matt was a tard and didnt. Pez's friend Jake who listens to Less Than Jake was going to play drums dut he is a meekrob so he didnt. so like a month later the two young lads of thirteen were in love... with ska. Ska became the only thing keeping Pez from going even more insane due to the emo explosion of our 8th grade year. Then Pez and Matt were all like ska band!!!! that summer Pez meet Christian, Matt's super cool cousin who happened to play the saxamaphone.So the guys got a horn player. Matt went and got a geetar without telling Pez and Pez was all like "damn i wanta be like Aaron Barrett but know i cant cuz matt plays geetar and ska bands dont have 2 geetars DUH!" it turned out that matt and christian were poor compared to the rich fucks in Seminole so we drcided to play on that. Pez and Matt were know in high school and went to different skools so they couldnt talk aboot this band crap anymore on a high level. Enter Matt ..2 or "cookie" him and pez got along and by the time thay were sophmores Matt..2 learned bass so pez was all like" you! bass! ska! now!" he wasnt sure at first but he was soon "ska rules" and Pez said"no shit shurlock" a lot of people SAID they would play drums but they are lairs and should be killed. Matt..2's friend Lenny was like i may trombone for you guys but then he dissapeared(not really he just doesnt hang w/us anymore.We're Juniors now and are finally getting started playing and stuff cuz hot women distract Pez very easily and they make him feel "emotional" and he loses what sanity he has. Thats it oh and Pez believes Flying Spaghetti Monsterism should be taught along side inteligent design and evolution cuz we have all been touched by His noodly apandage. So mainly. Matts on guitar, we picked up a hobo named tom to play bass for us now. but hes a hobo so obviously he lives in st. pete. b/c seminoles too rich for hobos. and we found a drummer names JP, however his soul has been consumed by WoW. so we're hoping we can get it back. thats basically it right now. we played our first show at the globe on Dec. 22nd. thanks to Josh Sullivan(sp?) from Can't Do It. then. popping out of nowhere came an addition to our black horn section named pooch. he played the trumpet. and. the rest is history. ( I swear, another page of a comic is on its way!)

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