Sha Chong Shui

Sha Chong Shui

Sha Chong Shui

Hardcore, Metal, Other
From: Guangzhou, China

Band Members

  • GeaOn - Drums
  • Ming - Bass
  • Bill - Rhythm Guitar
  • Paul - Lead Guitar
  • Marcus - Vocals

About Band

We're a five piece band from Guangzhou, China. We have been together for more than 8 years already and play a mix of post-hardcore, hardcore, screamo with melodic elements. we've had shows before in our hometown Guangzhou with bands such as 'Have Heart', 'The Real Deal' and 'The Maple Room'. We recorded our first album 'Shout' in 2009 and finally released it in march 2010. The nine tracks on the record were all written by us and we stand behind each and everyone of them. The band went through different singers with the current one being from Germany and singing in english. We hope to find a label that can help us promote our music and spread chinese Hard rock all over the world.

music for life!

Sha Chong Shui

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