Shadows of Sin

Shadows of Sin

Shadows of Sin

Black Metal, Metal
From: Lewisburg, WV, United States

Band Members

  • Wargoat - Vocals/Drums
  • Moribund - Guitar
  • Deadheart - bass

About Band

Shadows of Sin was spawned in the spring of 2006 under the infernal guise of Frost Throne. Formed by Count Vinterfaust, he quickly began to write and record the first demo, entitled Frozen Wastelands. This was recorded using a cheap 8 track home studio and employed the use of the drum machine. Soon after this Vinterfaust began to write a second demo, entitled Vreid av Frostherren. A drum machine was again used for this recording. A third demo entitled Vinterfaust was recorded shortly after this, but Count Vinterfaust realized at this point that it would help to bring in a real drummer for the next recording, and so entered Wargoat, a childhood comrade of the Count. The two rehearsed non-stop and in September of 2006 the debut live show was held in Beckley, WV. Shortly before the first show, a rehearsal recording was released entitled Live in Hell. With just the two of them, they wrote and recorded the debut full length, called Black Winter. This recording was in actuality a re-recording of the Vinterfaust demo, but with a few new songs attached. Shortly before Black Winter was completed, bassist Balthezar joined the band, but did not record any parts for the album. This lineup lasted for almost an entire year and is considered by many to be the "classic lineup".

Now that Black Winter was released, the band began to rehearse extensively, preparing to embark on a mini-tour. Dubbed the "Black Winter Rising" tour, the band played in areas such as Morgantown, WV, Charleston, WV, Huntington, WV and concluded the jaunt at the world reknowned Jaxx Niteclub in Springfield, VA in a headlining show. After this gig the band decided to take some time off from the live circuit to begin writing new material. In June of 2007 the band was slated to play at a music festival in Point Pleasant, WV, but this was scraped was Wargoat was injured in a bizarre gardening accident and was unable to play drums for 6 weeks. The band resumed working on the new album in August of that year. In October the band was contacted by Blastzone Entertainment, interested in giving worldwide distribution for the band's next album. The band agreed and continued working on the album. It was during this time that the band decided to change their name, thinking that Frostthrone sounded like too much of a rip off of other bands and quickly settled on the name Shadows of Sin. At the beginning of February, Balthezar decided to leave the band due to personal reasons and thus the search for a new bassist had begun. A replacement was found in the form of Baal Gadreel. Also Count Vinterfaust, now known as Damien Von Dusk switched from handling both guitar and vocals to concentrating soley on vocals and both Moribund and Thad were brought in to handle guitar duties. For the first time in history, Frostthrone was now a 5 piece. In February of 2008, the band played a gig in Moorhead, KY opening for the Luchagors. Baal Gadreel was soon replaced by Deadheart.

Thad did not last long either and left the band in mid April. Around this time the band entered Bullfrog Recording in Huntington, WV to begin the recording process for their next album, entitled As Above, So Below. These first sessions went well and the band took a break to play a show in Beckley, WV on May 31st of that year. At the end of July the band went back into the studio to complete the recordings for the new album. After 3 days of excruciating pain, the album was complete. After this the band took some time off to relax. Regrouping in August, Wargoat and Damien began the process of mapping out a nationwide tour which would commence in September. To be called the "Krieg Over America" tour, it would have seen the band travel to 27 cities in 30 days, but due to lack of funds the band was unable to accomplish these plans. Their next gig would be on Halloween night in Wheeling, WV opening for local black metallers Disobey. This is the night that would change the band forever. The next morning, founding member and vocalist Damien Von Dusk decided to leave the band. This was a shocking and unexpected blow to the band, but the rest of the guys decided to forge ahead. It was at this point that Wargoat decided to pull double duty and handle both drums and vocals. On November 28th, the band headed back to Wheeling, WV and had a headlining show with Disobey. This was the debut performance of Wargoat handling vocals.

In February of 2009, Wargoat re-entered Bullfrog Recording and re-recorded all vocals for As Above, So Below...

Fast forward to the present, As Above, So Below is still awaiting a release and the band have not played any gigs since November of 2008. They have been rehearsing vigorously in the hopes of securing gigs and promoting the album.

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