Shattered Time

Shattered Time

Shattered Time

Indie, Rock, Other
From: Mannheim, United States

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I was born in Frankfurt on an American military base, I've been a military brat my whole life, I've moved around a lot, and went to many different schools. I don't really have a place to call "home" I don't know that kind of life each time I've settled down it was already time to move again. I play a few instruments including: Guitar (for 3 years), Bass (for almost a year), Piano (Cant remember when I started though I'm not very good at it), Ocarina (almost a year also not very good at it), Drums (I don't play often also not very good at it), and I'm learning how to play the Pan Flute I am also trying to teach myself to sing. I am self taught at all the instruments I play, I haven't taken any lessons for what I play. I am mostly a solo artist when it comes to my music, I prefer to work alone, but I do like to jam with friends. I listen to practically anything, except techno and electronica, (anything that catches my ears) my playing style cant be pin pointed to just one style or genre. I try my best to write in as many styles as I can, and I try to incorporate as much variety into my music as I can. I currently live in a small military base in Germany, its so small the that the high school only had roughly 300 students in total (back when I was still in high school). I'm not a very interesting person, I'm quite shy and anti-social, but once you know me I'm a nice talkative person. I'm also an atheist, and I don't believe in aliens, ghosts or the supernatural. I hope to someday start a band, but for now I just make music and jam.

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