Shaun Ponter

Shaun Ponter

Shaun Ponter

From: New Westminster, BC, Canada

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Check out bedouin carpets internet site .Typically the Bedouin also Bedouins; is based from the Arabic word badawy . They originated from nomads who seem to have historically lived in the Arabian Deserts. The Bedouins are a semi-nomadic group of folks. Their identity suggests desert dwellers in Arabic..Their territory extends from the huge deserts of North Africa to the rocky sands of the mountains.They are typically segregated into tribes, or groupe and share a typical customs of herding camels and goats. The Bedouin form a part of, but are not synonymous with, the modern concept of the Arabs. Bedouins have been related to by various names throughout history, such as Qedarites in the Old Testament and "Araba'a" by the Assyrians (ar-ba-a-a being a nisba of the noun Arab, a name still used for Bedouins today). While many Bedouins have deserted their nomadic and tribal traditions for present day metropolitan lifestyle, they preserve almost all of their traditions and crafts. Urbanized Bedouins furthermore organize cultural fests, usually held several times a year,.

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