Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz
From: MIAMI, FL, United States

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Sheena Enid Singh was born in Lowell, Mass on December 8, 1985. She is currently living in Miami going for her goal to become a famous singer. Sheena has a energetic powerful jazzy sounding voice that is true and expressive. Matching her charasmatic personality where ever she goes. She has been singing since the age of 12 and started out in the arts in modeling at the age of 5, where she attended Barbizon School of Modeling in 1997. Going to competitions and winning her first trophy in pasarella at the age of 8. She continued the arts going to Norland Middle School ,School of the Arts from 1996-2000. Performing in the Miami Arena representing Jackson Senior High School as one of the best talents in Miami. Sheena is currently recording her demo soon to be single.  " I like recroding a demo first and my ideas professionally because I like to make sure my music is going in the right direction. I prefer it like that because I rather later on spend money on a good song, recording it in a good studio then on songs that pretty much are never going to get anywhere. I sing from my heart and soul but I like to hear it and make sure it is me before i go further with it. I always say Rome wasn't built in a day and quality will always be better then quantity no matter what anyones says". Sheena states. Her press kit will be ready hopefully by mid-June and her single finished by mid-August. If you would like to reach her for collaborations or song writting please reach her at We also apologize if the music can not be heard at this time things shuld be up and running in 48 hours.

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