Rock, Experimental, Other
From: Philadelphia, PA, United States

Band Members

  • Blood St. Elegance - lead singer
  • Morbid Rose - lyrist
  • Tsubasa - electric guitarist
  • Jaaku - violin,synth

About Band

One of the founding and original membas of the band, BLOODY ST. ELEGANCE, has written over 25+ songs for both herself and Shindei. Originally, SM had 9 membas. Unfortunately, some had to be cut, or had issues with being within one of the few female bands in J-rokku.
BLOODY ST. ELEGANCE, whose real name is Sakurakuro, is the lead singer of Shindei. The majority of the membas in Shindei were in the original band, which was the English translated version, and originally called Death by Substance. Death by Substance, was founded by BLOODY ST. ELEGANCE, Hentai,Jaaku, and a very close and personal friend. When the friend, departed from the band, the band had already changed their name to Shindeiru by Mayaku, and had welcomed 3 new membas, Tsubasa, Rin, and Yoru. BLOODY ST. ELEGANCE has also welcomed a close friend, and Dir en Grey fan.....her name and info shall remain hidden by BLOODY ST. ELEGANCE's request. BM, who joined the band in mid 2006, is the drummer of the band, and only BLOODY ST. ELEGANCE knows about this person. Rin and Yoru, joined late last year, and co-wrote two of Shindei's songs, "Chi Arashi" and "Vrigin Orgasm", however, due to issues only known to BLOODY ST. ELEGANCE and Tsubasa, Rin and Yoru temporarily departed Shindei--although they are still "blood membas" of the band. Shindeiru by Mayaku now had only 7 membas left. When SM had extended to about 12+ membas, BLOODY ST. ELEGANCE had decided to split the band into two smaller ones. One of the bands would be based solely in America, ad the remaining band would be based in Japan. After Rin and Yoru left, BLOODY ST. ELEGANCE then decided to change the band's name and image yet again, to what we know and love. The band's name was no longer Death by Substance, or Shindeiru by Mayaku. Kori dropped the by and the band's new name became Shindeiru Mayaku.

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