Sho? (Dubai)

Sho? (Dubai)

Sho? (Dubai)

Rock, Alternative
From: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Band Members

  • Zara Quiroga - vocals
  • Rizal Khan - guitars & synths
  • Fabrizio Benefazio - bass

About Band

Punk, Rock, Metal, Reggae (Ska), Funk and a host of other forms of music find common ground in the musical expressions of Shو? The band which has been pulled into the limelight by its unique style, began as a small splash in Dubai’s underground music sphere and is now making waves as the band’s following grows.

Shو? began with the meeting of two like minded musicians – Rizal, lead guitarist and Zara on vocals, backed by a dynamic line of talented musicians. Their mission: to spread the Shو? sound to as many people as possible. Shو? (meaning What? in Arabic) features an amalgamation of different genres of music strongly influenced by the amazing multicultural mix that is Dubai. Rizal uses 6 and 8 string guitars and a variety of pedals to give their music a unique sound. Zara's vocals focus on the message of nonconformity, standing up for what you believe in and fighting for what you want.

“There are just so many acts we love out there. We wanted to write songs which take the best from our influences, merge them with our unique style and make them the ultimate song for the two of us to listen to” is how Rizal best explains it.

The milestone moment came in October 2010, when they won the Diesel U Music Road to Sound City competition. This secured them an opening slot in the Dubai Sound City Festival 2009, and took them all the way to Vienna for the Diesel U Music World Tour at the end of that year.

In August 2010 Shو? released their first EP entitled “I Don’t Wanna Go!” including fan favorites such as the reggae-metal Crash and the self-titled Sho?

As of now, Shو? is accelerating at 200MPH and hopes to Crash onto a stage near you very soon! Once they're done with that they'll be recording a second EP in 2011.

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