Shotgun Opera

Shotgun Opera

Shotgun Opera

Hard rock, Metal, Funk
From: Augusta, GA, United States

Band Members

  • Grizzly - Vocals
  • Samoa J - Vocals
  • Turbo - Bass
  • Cappy - Drums
  • Guapo - DJ/Keyboards
  • SamRock - Guitar

About Band

It is ON! Breaking into the local music scene like a crackhead into your house, SHOTGUN OPERA has arrived! Take a pinch of Metal, a spoonful of Rock, and a heavy dose of anger, stir violently and inject directly into your bloodstream. A unique sound, melodic, heavy, insane... The Guitar riffs and Bass line will slap you out of your chair, the drums will punch you in the face, the DJ will slice into your brain, and the double vocal attack will leave you bleeding on the floor and begging for more!! GO to for merchandise!!

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