Industrial, Rock, Metal
From: pomona, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Mike Nero - Vox, Programming, Keyboards
  • Justin Hellfire - Vox, Guitars
  • Violence - Vox, Bass
  • Boxcar Kelley - Vox, Drums
  • Josh Arias - Guitars, Keyboards
  • Chris Sins - Guitars

About Band

Hailing from Pomona, CA, Sick Six Sex was formed in 2009 as a means to offer an alternative experience to the typical sound of rock music today. The band consists of members, Mike Nero (vox, programming, keyboards) Justin Hellfire (vox, guitars) Chris Sins (vox, guitars) Josh Arias (keyboards, guitars) Violence (vox, bass) and Boxcar Kelley (vox, drums). With an unbelievably wide range of musical influences, the band strive to challenge the status quo and genre uniformity that plague the current state of modern music. Fueled by the desire to offer something more, Sick Six Sex tackles many subjects considered to be taboo. While mercilessly attacking stupidity, hypocrisy, zealotry and self righteousness, the band also openly celebrates the emotions and animal instincts that define mankind. Armed with an arsenal of passionate songs, Sick Six Sex creates a live show that leaves the audience stunned and blood thirsty for more. With each new performance the band gains a larger fan base and raises the bar for other acts that follow. Eager to terrorize any stage they set foot on, Sick Six Sex is constantly on the lookout for fresh venues to conquer. So take a journey into the exhilerating, psychosexual, ultraviolent, obscure world of Sick Six Sex and experience a band that is sure to leave it's mark on music.


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