SIK Crew

SIK Crew

SIK Crew

From: Leeds/Dewsbury, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • K-Unit - Crew Leader
  • Saki - SIK Member/Rapper
  • Igy - SIK Member/Rapper

About Band

S-I-K Crew

The S-I-K Crew was formed about 2 years ago, not sure on the exact date. The Crew consists of 3 Boys, 2 Of the boys are asion and me, the leader is halfcast (Half Asian/English) We are 14 year olds, and have been rapping for about 3 years. Our rap names are Saki, Igy B and K-Unit (Me)

When we started rapping, it was funny, because we used to rap about anything that came in our head, like cars and somtimes guns. Now we are older we rap about real things that have happened. We have some enemies, they are Ammo, K-Lo and Umaar. K-Lo was attacked by me when he first dissed the crew.

The SIK letters stand for our rap names, and real names. S stands for Saki, I stands for Igy and K stands for K-Unit.

The crew is heavily armed with guns and knives (Take alook at our photo album) we are also apart of other gangs around towns close by. In the crew there are 3 rappers and about 50 other members (Non Rappers)

We grew up in Dewsbury, and we have lived there all our lives. We all love rapping, and we do it every time we are togeather. We have brought out 2 albums, our first album was "The aftermath" and the second album was "A G Life" We will be brining out a new album soon.



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