SK The Greatest

SK The Greatest

SK The Greatest

Hip-Hop, Soul, Experimental
From: Austin, TX, United States

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SK The Greatest: Music Producer Extraordinaire


Tramaine Skeens aka SK The Greatest is an independent music producer with a penchant for creating tunes that appeal to a variety of recording artists that span across musical genres.


His sound is reminiscent of Jazz, Funk, Soul and Electronic Music, all blended with a foundation firmly set in Hip-Hop.  This combination of styles makes for a seamless fusion of sound that is unique and refreshing, but with an undertone that is familiar to a diverse set of music enthusiasts.  Stylistically his music pays homage to some of the greatest Hip-Hop producers to date, including the likes of DJ Premier, The RZA, Dr. Dre, and the late J-Dilla among others.  Musically he is following the example of producers that pioneered the sound of 90's Hip-Hop.  But with the advancements in modern technology, he is able to explore new levels of creativity.


Born in Boston, MA and raised by a family rooted in the Deep South, young Tramaine was exposed to various forms of music from Southern Gospel, Jazz, and Hip-Hop, to the soothing sounds of the soulful 70's.  However it was when he attended Roxbury Community College that his journey began.  At this time he fully committed himself to becoming a music producer, handling duties as a student-athlete while completing his work study requirements at the school's Media Arts Center, gaining valuable experience in the process.  He continued his quest to acquire skills and pay his dues by spending the summers working with the City of Boston Department of Special Events.  Here he was tasked with building stages and setting up live sound systems for a series of outdoor concerts sponsored by the city.


Upon graduation, he enrolled at St. Andrew's Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, NC, studying Business Administration and Electroacoustic Music under the tutelage of world renowned composer, Hideko Kawamoto.  This period of his education had a profound effect on his creative vision, and provided the skills necessary to take his talents to the next level.  In his own words, "The time I spent at 'The Drew' was a life changing experience.  This was the first time I had full access to a recording studio.  It allowed me the time I needed to learn and practice my technical skills.  I had a great instructor, and a golden opportunity to work on my craft.  I would do recording sessions with my classmates, whoever could sing, rap, or write poetry.  There was so much excitement, that I'd literally climb through a window to get in the lab after hours", he said with a smile.  


After moving back to Boston, with a newfound confidence and some invaluable experience under his belt, he obtained a position as an intern at Bristol Recording Studios.  Here he was able to apply what he had learned in a real world setting, all while working under the guidance of music producer and industry veteran, Ric Poulin.  Through his affiliation with Bristol, he received his first opportunity to produce for an independent label called Never Enough Entertainment.  Connections with local artists in the Boston area then led to his work at The Beantown Hit Phactory, further expanding his skill set.  But upon moving to Austin, TX, "The Live Music Capitol of the World", a new level of inspiration and experimentation was aroused.


SK's production style is a rich concoction of melodic samples, spine tingling synths, neck snapping drums, and trunk rattling bass lines.  All designed to keep your head nodding beyond the end.  A renaissance man of sorts, he draws inspiration from the arts, from vintage to modern age.  From old dusty vinyl records to the latest technological advances in audio synthesis, his approach to music is very much a product of life itself.


Currently he is at work on a series of projects, including his own production company called GMGOmusic, a fully customized website, an upcoming EP, as well as his own full length compilation album that will feature several recording artists from across the states.  This album will be the first official release for GMGOmusic, and will put his innovative production style on display.


SK is a very capable, savvy, and open minded individual, who takes an eclectic and experimental approach to music production.  With his innate talent and the technical skills he has acquired over the years, SK has begun to position himself for a big bright future in the music business.  So be on the lookout for SK The Greatest and GMGOmusic!

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