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LIFE (SHIRILELE) MONGWE A.K.A SL BUFFALO MINI BIO (DATA) He was born on the 8th of May 1995 at Maphuta Hospital, He grow up in Mashishimale village until he reached the age of 15 then he left and went to Tzaneen on the village called Burgersdorp. There he began to attend church services until he was made a junior pastor of a certain church where he ministered, influenced, performed miracles and taught the way of life with god. But as time goes he then left burgersdorp And went back to Mashishimale (Phalaborwa), he ministered the word of god for about a year. After that the pastors was then against him for a girl he stayed with, The pastors began to have meetings about him saying he is still young to have a wife. But he resisted and told them that “if loving someone is a sin then let me see my Own way to hell” but the pastors never left him, then he left the church thinking that the Solution to his issues was that but it never was. Then he began to drink and smoke for living As he smokes and drink too much he began to write rap song, mixing up the Fiction with the real life things that are happening in his life That’s where he began by writing the song named “life’s predator (death ghost)’’. In This song he wrote about many unfortunate events which were happening in his life. He then started to love making hip hop music, a month later he met The founder of a hip hop crew named Big 5 Hustlers where he was hired as a web developer, Lyricist and a Cypher. After Two weeks he was promoted to be a new manager of Big 5 Hustlers. Now he is a manager, Lyricist, web developer, digital portal maker and a cypher HIS CONTACTS ARE AS FOLLOWS E-MAIL ADDRESS: SLBUFFALO@WEBMAIL.CO.ZA WEBSITE: CELL NUMBER: 072 436 7645 FAX NUMBER: 086 668 9035 TWITTER: @Life_Mongwe FACEBOOK: @Shirilele.Mongwe SKYPE: (12) 743 5861 LIST OF THE THINGS HE LIKES MOST 1 RAPPING 2 LEARNING 3 INTERNET 4 CREATING 5 LISTENING TO RAP MUSIC 6 WATCHING ANIMATED MOVIES 7 DEVELOPING WEBSITES LIST OF HIS FAVORITE SA RAPPERS 1 Rabza Skgobz LIST OF HIS FAVORITE USA RAPPERS 1 JOYNER LUCAS 2 HOPSIN 3 KENDRICK LAMAR 4 THE GAME 5 RITTS 6 XXXTENTACION

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ICQ: 0724367645
Website: www.lifemongwe2.wapka.mibi

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