Rock, Grunge
From: Padua, Italy

Band Members

  • Tommaso Filippi - Guitar
  • Martino De Paoli - Drums
  • Francesco De Paoli - Bass
  • Simone Pittarello - Vocals

About Band

After a long study of the classical guitar, Francesco De Paoli chose to undertake the study of the electric bass, following the advice of his friend Tom (Tommaso Filippi), already a guitarist and a singer. Soon after they persuaded Martino, Francesco's twin brother, to start playing the drums, besides the violin he had already studied for years.
Thus the Sliver were born, in autumn 1997, as the natural evolution of a deep friendship which started in the first year of primary school and has grown through an incredibly abundant production. Ideas were not lacking and after a series of concerts, among which an important acoustic competition where the band was highly positively judged by the critics, the group resolved to record the first promo, Internal Bleeding, still today acclaimed by the band supporters.
The high quality of the first record allowed the Sliver to be selected among many bands to take part in a relevant musical festival in Padua, in the central, historical scenery of Prato della Valle, during the 'Fiera dell'Arte' (Art Exhibition), and the performance was really outstanding.
While the success and general appreciation were growing and offering actual opportunities to the band, Tom was forced to a stop to accomplish the military service. Waiting for their 'exiled' friend, Martino and Francesco got engaged in different projects (independent productions and concerts in Italy and abroad), offering the opportunity to learn and acquire a new musical maturity contributing to the writing of new songs.
The easily recognizable quality of the material was the boost for the reuniting of the three musicians, who chose among a number of incredibly valuable productions and recorded three songs (Spin Me, You Fly, Rockin' Queen), with the new, warm and versatile vocals of Simone Pittarello, a  polistrumentist active on the Italian scene for
several years who has developed a very personal technique.

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