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SoljaB is known for hustling, grinding, working hard, and giving back to those up and coming independent artists. As a rapper, I use the stage name SoljaB, and Soljacmg. A former member of the rap groups: Wantedboyz305, DirtySox Entertainment, and now CEO of CMG/C.I.F.E Entertainment. SoljaB is dedicated to what is need to get off the grounds at a high rate pouring in hours of late night promotions just to reach his goals of being a part of a major label. Did features, and performed at plenty venues on the way up. SoljaB was born in Miami, Fl Originally from Homestead, Fl. grew up in Perrine, Fl housing neighborhood. 

SoljaB worked as a carpenter building studios after graduating but he dedicated all of his free time to pursuing his music career. He started out as a bouncer, and assisted promoter at Cameo’s night club. Help do promotions for local rappers. SoljaB desired to stand out from other independent upcoming artists and that’s when he began to write raps.

He was influenced by the legendary Uncle Luke, Rick Ross, Trick daddy, and JT Money. SoljaB has the ability to write his own lyrics, and with no experience record his own music in a garage or closet setting. SoljaB served in the U.S army, and was raised on some of the toughest streets of Miami-Dade County.

SoljaB wouldn’t back down when the heat is on. SoljaB did collaborating on songs with Miami, Fl  Independent artists as well as Georgia Independent artists under his independent label C.I.F.E Entertainment. Working on the release of his first mixtape "Cashflow da mixtape" Vol.1 SoljaB future includes becoming one of the most consistent rappers on the scene, rep magazine covers, do interviews, and live thru his music by way of experience. His music can be heard on ITunes & Amazon, So Stay tuned.

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