Alternative, Rock, Electronica
From: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Band Members

  • David Halb - drums/electronics/synth
  • Manuel Hahn - guitar/bass/vocals
  • Andrej Laposa - guitar/bass/vocals

About Band

It all began back in 2002, when the experimental jam sessions of a bunch of friends escaped the band room in the form of a demo tape, named "Lack of Cover". It has soon drawn attention of the local music sceene, who later on invited them to join a collaboration of local bands under the acronym P.N.C. (Prekmurje Noise Conspiracy). With their support , they soon breached the boundaries of the area and began spredding their music all around Slovenia. One of their first major achievements is the attendance at the “Klubski maraton RŠ 2004”, a countrywide tour of selected alternative bands, organized by the alternative Student radio in Ljubljana. They also began to broadcast their “first single”, called Rebirth, which was rated as the 6th best alternative song in 2004 on the entire Balcan area. A year later Sphericube were performing on the Biennale of young artists of Europe and the Mediterrean in Naples, representing the Slovenian alternative music sceene. In the following couple of years, Sphericube began to record their debut album, together with producers Ruzina Frankulin and Hrvoje Pelicarić. Two years later their album, called JUGDA, finally saw the light of day on May 22nd 2008. It was released together with the first printed edition of RSQ magazine, formerly a music webzine. JUGDA combines experiences, influences, musical motions and emotions of Manuel, David and Andrej, filtered through the know-how of Ruzina and Hrvoje. As time passes by, the crew is being creative and productive as never before and new material is already leaking out of the rehearsal room.


Website: www.sphericube.net
Website: www.facebook.com/sphericubes
Website: www.myspace.com/sphericube24



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