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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Joe Black aka Splifferman! This performer’s performer is widely regarded as one of Trinidad and Tobago's best underrated Hip-Hop MCs.

Born Ryan Williams to a middle-income family in Southside (San Fernando) Trinidad, Hip-Hop became a passion for him, with influences from The Furious 5, The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, Biggie, Tupac, Run DMC, Snoop, Dr. Dre, The Lox, 50 and much more.

The Name: Joe Black - Being born on Friday 13th October xxxx, and getting stabbed during a botched robbery in an effort to protect his family (and some other “not-ready-to-mention” incidents), the name Joe Black was taken from the movie "Meet Joe Black," to remember that “tomorrow is never promised,” so he lives for today.

In the beginning: Being exposed to the true nature of Hip-Hop’s culture while visiting New York in 1997 ignited a deeper love for the music. By 1999, he assembled a bright team of young, talented artists and formed the group Odd Squad. With the music industry being as it is in Trinidad and Tobago, no one was interested in hearing "local MCs." Although the group faded, Joe's passion lingered on. Joe insists that his many feelings of expression must come out! "Everyone has experiences; Dad died when I was 11, Mom was a workaholic trying to make ends meet, and I was running at high-speed in the streets! I know about guns, drugs, wilin’ out, you know what every other hood cat knows." Changing his wild ways with the birth of his son in 2001, he started looking for an outlet to release his charged emotions.

In early 2002, Joe Black hooked up with up and coming producer Richard “Chalice” Marine upon his return to Trinidad and Tobago – he was studying Music Production, Visual and Multimedia at Recording Arts Canada. He now serves as CEO of House of Music Entertainment. The ideas and ideals of Joe Black and Chalice were the same – creating a synergy of creativity that has grown from artists to producers, from friends to business partners. Joe Black used his entrepreneurial style to build on the visions of Chalice as they each collectively expanded the horizons of House of Music Entertainment. During the next phase of their evolution, the team came across a talented guitarist and arranger by the name of Clint “Baby C” Billy, who became the third piece of the puzzle for House of Music Entertainment. His melodic timing and passion for his craft, plus the patience to deal with the combination of Joe Black and Chalice, has made him and invaluable member of the team.

Growing pains: “Literally blood, sweat and tears were shed – all the way back from where we were, to where we are now!” ~ Joe Black aka Splifferman

House of Music Entertainment refined their talents and began producing Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soca and Calypso, as they experimented with different styles, sounds, tones and patterns. They observed new trends and formulated a new style and brand of music that can only be created by … The House of Music Entertainment.

As Managing Director of the House of Music Entertainment Production team in Trinidad and Tobago, Joe Black was constantly around a lot of Reggae artists – one day inspiration struck, and he began writing - fusing Reggae and his own Caribbean Hip-Hop insight into a concentrated output.

By 2004, with Reggae in his Heart and Hip-Hop in his Soul, Joe Black revisited his roots as an aspiring artist, but was still convinced that he needed to keep producing Reggae - Trinidad and Tobago was still not ready for local Hip-Hop MCs. During 2005-2007, after doing drops and tracks for local mixtapes around Trinidad, he started gaining attention with a newly discovered, more simplistic flow and a major change with his vocals. “It sounds Gangsta, but is really catchy and original,” he says. Now the folks in the streets were asking, “Is he from America or Trinidad?” A whisper turned into a growing buzz in the streets about this “new guy,” Joe Black.

After being asked to introduce himself on the track “M.U.S.I.C.” by the Mic Check crew, Joe received rave reviews for being one of the Caribbean's most original sounding artists to date. In 2007, as a producer for House of Music Entertainment, Joe Black has worked with some of the Caribbean's most notable upcoming Reggae artists such as Determine Ketta Drum ft. Beenie Man, Marlon Asha (Ganja Farmer), Royal Dainties, Ziggy Rankin and much more, but Hip-Hop kept calling him. He then re-invented himself as an embodiment of his musical personalities... thus Splifferman was born.

A whole new beginning: Now a part of the group Black MOB and with the re-up of Odd Squad, Joe Black aka Splifferman is taking his music to the masses. Describing his music, Splifferman exclaims "Either you feel it or not, ya know!" His much anticipated debut release "How we Ride" and "Three Pounds / Club Hustle, produced by House of Music Entertainment, has been getting not one, but two thumbs up in the streets and clubs."I'm reppin’ Trinidad and Tobago, Southside, New York’s Brooklyn, Flatbush, Far Rockaway and of course, “Big up to da ATL, where my fam's at you know!” Now “ridin”around the Caribbean W.I. with Odd Squad and Black MOB, House of Music Entertainment, famous words from this incredible ‘moufpiece’are: “Massive respect everywhere to anyone who is down with the Spliff - ya heard."

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