Spook's House

Spook's House

Spook's House

From: Bratislava, Slovakia

Band Members

  • The Spook - Guitar/Drums/Beatz
  • The Creep - Vokills/Screams/The Fiend
  • Dr. Krippelstein - Brains
  • This Ghost - Pimpin'

About Band

Spook's House was built in the 1500's by the wacky Dr. Krippelstein, who enjoyed taking dead bodies and experimenting on them to reanimate them. Many Characters were created in this way, such as: The Spook - Krippelstein's first creation, who lived his life covered by black clothes and a ghost mask. He soon found a studio hidden in Spook's House with many instruments inside, he soon confined himself to the room and has never left. The Creep - The second of Krippelstein's creations, who was created in a silverware drawer, which was still being used, so consequently, his back is forever bent in the shape of a fork, forcing him to bear a striking resemblance to Igor. He was walking through Spook's House one night when he heard music, he went to investigate and Spook pulled him into the studio and has never let him leave. Angry Eddie - A reanimated mental patient whose condition is even worse in his afterlife. The condition? A violent case of Tourette's Syndrome. Many people who wander into the house while lost in the desert, or lost in the afterlife claim to hear the mournful cry of "OBSCENITIES!" Eric Doofy - A mentally handicapped patient who was put through the evil tricks of Spook and Creep which caused Krippelstein to hire a mentor to keep Eric and keep Spook and Creep away from poor Eric, who was bound forever to annoy the hell out of the nearest bystanders. Burt - Burt is nothing more than a piece of paper with a particularly peculiar face drawn on it in black pen. Burt came about as a device used to terrorize poor Eric Doofy, since then, he had become particularly attatched to The Creep. Trash Bag Man - A creature forever cloaked under a trash bag that jumps out at people at Spook's House late at night, who always seems to terrorize Spook and Creep. The Fiend - The fiend is basically just a guy who runs around Spook's House doing his walk, also called "The Fiend" Mikey Ownage - Mikey was created at the worst possible moment. Right as he (re)entered the world, Eric Doofy walked into the room and slipped on a banana peel, cruelly placed by Spook and Creep, and the first word Mikey ever heard was the shout of OWNED! Consequently, thats the only word he can correctly say. Mikey now sneaks around Spook's House and plays evil pranks on its inhabitants, always yelling OWNED! when he is successful. Ignaesh the Mentor - Isnaesh was hired by Dr. Krippelstein to give a proper home to Eric Doofy, for he was being corrupted by the evil minds of Spook and Creep. Ignaesh has always had his quirky accent, and he is usually unable to control Eric. Jeff - Jeff is an evil, satan worshipping, high school freshman. He raises the dead and calls upon the powers of eternal hellfire to obliterate his enemies. This Ghost - Jeff's favorite spirit, who loves nothing more than attacking the Peej. This Ghost is normally kept in Jeff's backpack, until someone makes him happy, then he unzips the backpack and This Ghost comes flying out to torment the offender. The Peej - A porky, dorky kid. He's fat, acned and annoying. He is often the butt of cruel ambushes by This Ghost. The Jeepster - A weird, ghostlike creature from an unknown origin, who walks around Spook's House late at night. He is normally harmless, but those who encounter him from around a corner are doomed to die of fright, while Jeepster does nothing to scare them. Dr. Krippelstein - Dr. Krippelstein built the legacy that is Spook's House. He stalks around showing the inhabitants his favorite posession, a brain in a glass jar.

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